The Herald
By Hannah Smoot
January 18, 2019 03:04 PM

YORK COUNTY – Renovations and additions to the Moss Justice Center in York County are nearing completion, according to construction management firm Cumming.

The second phase of the $38.5 million project is expected to open in March. The company says that means the project has less than a year until it’s complete.

The courthouse and justice center complex was built in 1993. York County officials said the county had outgrown the building, and needed to address space and security concerns.

York County voters approved an $89.7 million bond in November 2015 to evaluate and renovate county buildings, primarily at the Moss court and sheriff site in York and at the Family Court building on Heckle Boulevard in Rock Hill.

The first phase was completed last winter, according to Cumming. That included a two-story, 322-car parking deck and an underground tunnel.

Phase two, which is expected to be open to the public in March, and phase three include a new three-story addition to the main courthouse building, a two-story addition to the sheriff’s headquarters, a new and secure courthouse entrance and renovations to the existing buildings.

The final phase — renovation of the existing building — is scheduled to be completed in fall 2019, according to Cumming.

“The Moss Justice Center’s challenging schedule has required intricate coordination with all associated parties,” Cumming Project Manager Jay Gaither said. “By providing the owner transparency with all construction aspects, the project has progressed successfully and is under budget and on schedule. This allows the county to fully concentrate on the day-to-day needs of its citizens.”