Cumming offers clients a comprehensive menu of integrated services.

Our service philosophy is two-fold: first, if we can’t provide a service at a world-class level, we don’t provide it at all. Second, we can provide each of our services together in a comprehensive management role, or deliver any customized mix of them in a way that meets your specific needs. Expertise and flexibility — it really is that simple. Cumming is different than most construction project consultancies, and the clients we work with think so, too. Why? Because we realize that overall project success is not attained through mere focus on the end result; it is attained through day-to-day discipline, cooperative ingenuity, and attention to detail. This is how money is saved, how schedules are met. This is what our reputation is based on.


Cumming leads project teams from pre-planning through post-construction. Our proactive approach eliminates the risk of ill-informed decision-making.

  • Predictable outcomes
  • Proven solutions
  • Efficiency and quality
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Cumming’s construction cost specialists are known for the accuracy of their estimates and budgets, and deliver continuous cost guidance to our internal teams and outside clients.

  • Accurate and actionable cost solutions
  • Vast sector knowledge
  • Early and continuous involvement
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Cumming’s construction, litigation, and scheduling professionals evaluate and resolve all forms of construction disputes. When brought in early, our team is able to initiate controls to avoid claims and litigation altogether.

  • Risk mitigation
  • Claims resolution
  • Expert witness testimony


Cumming helps clients understand their energy inefficiencies and options. We present solutions that not only minimize impacts to the environment, but also save money.

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Renewable energy alternatives
  • Achievement of sustainability and conservation goals


Our controls solutions streamline and automate the flow of information related to budget, schedule, and scope. We organize and analyze this information to monitor progress and predict future project performance.

  • Streamline information flow
  • Improve efficiencies and transparency
  • Link disparate systems
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Cumming provides independent monitoring to financial institutions and developers. By diligently scrutinizing projects for issues or failures, our team helps minimize exposure to risk.

  • Identify and neutralize risk
  • Offer informed insights
  • Maximize project performance and transparency