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Project Description

The Dome Box Theatre, Dubai, UAE

Project Description

The Dome Box Theatre project is 9,400 sq. ft. with a 360-degree audiovisual (AV) entertainment theater that is the first of its type in the United Arab Emirates. It offers state-of-the art AV installations providing a virtual experience of the two original concept stories (Ali-Baba and Dinosaurs) specifically produced for this project. Visitors will watch an enticing pre-show followed by a main show; upon departure, they will experience the retail space located at the exit. The Dome Box Theatre is located on Al Wasl Road in the Jumeirah district at the junction of Umm Amar Road in Dubai. The project was undertaken on a very tight timeline requiring top-quality coordination and supervision due to various consultants and contractors working simultaneously within the structure of the building. Completed in October 2015, the cost of the project is approximately $17.4 million.

Project Details

Office(s): Dubai
Division(s): Cumming
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