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Project Description

Langham London, London, UK

Project Description

Cumming, through our London office, has been working for Great Eagle since 2005 and has participated in the initial $90 million major refurbishment of the hotel, including 200 luxury bedrooms. The project also includes the complete modernization of the entire public area that forms a grand entrance and foyer/reception space, as well as a new restaurant and bars. Following this initial work, the remaining bedrooms were refurbished and a signature suite was added, as was a new Chuan Spa, complete with new changing rooms and spa facilities. With the old leases within Langham House expiring in 2014, a further project was launched to form a new super suite (The Sterling Suite) which is a complex of six inter-connecting rooms, all of which were constructed to the highest possible standards. A new club lounge was added as well. The full refurbishment of the final 109 rooms is currently underway. This will create 23 new suites and the balance of the rooms will be upgraded to match the rear L. Cumming has provided both project management and cost consultancy services throughout these projects.

Project Details

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