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The Hawaii Convention Center is aiming to complete nearly 20 capital improvement, repair and maintenance projects totaling about $26 million through 2024.

Several projects have been approved, while others are pending approval from the Hawaii Tourism Authority. The center has about $44.2 million in funding for the projects, consisting of $18.8 million in capital improvement project funds it currently has available, and an additional $25.4 million that it will receive by 2024.

The center recently completed an $18,871 fix of a sewer line in its Kalakaua kitchen. The next large project will be a $3.6 million rehabilitation of the fourth-floor stairwell, which has suffered damages from a leak in the roof.  This is expected to be completed by 2020.

Other projects include security camera upgrades; structural rehabilitation; parking system and equipment upgrade; and facility equipment and furniture upgrades.

Cumming has been tapped for several of these projects, totaling about $10 million of work.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority contracts AEG Facilities to manage the 1.1 million-square-foot center, which it has been managing since 2013. Its contract is up in December, at which point HTA may extend the contract or put out a request for proposal for a different company to take over.