Life Sciences

Cumming’s reputation in the life sciences sector is based on our nuanced understanding of our clients’ needs, our proactive approach to anticipating and meeting those needs, and our ability to efficiently staff projects with highly skilled and experienced professionals who have done it many times before.

Life science projects present unique challenges throughout the design and construction process. Beyond simple office fit-outs and the construction of supporting mechanical rooms, life science facilities are state-of-the-art spaces that support sensitive and complex scientific pursuits while abiding by strict regulatory and safety requirements. A newly constructed, renovated, or retrofitted life science facility may contain clean rooms or bioreactor components, support lab-based R&D, or come with very specific storage needs — or all of the above.

To manage these nuanced projects, Cumming draws upon the breadth of our specialized and multi-disciplinary team, which includes pharmaceutical experts, in-house MEP professionals, and former project owners, among others. In offering the full range of project, cost, and scheduling services, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients manage the many challenges their life science projects will encounter, from procuring appropriate design partners to navigating the validation process and onboarding contractors who can perform at a high level without impacting an active lab or production space.

Cumming is able to apply the lessons we’ve learned through decades of collective experience on the full range of life science project types, including new campus programming and build-outs, laboratory retrofits, specific equipment installations (such as modular clean rooms), and much more. We leverage this experience and expertise to help our clients mitigate risk and ultimately achieve project success.

Cumming offers a flexible approach to service delivery.

Feasibility studies
 Project budgeting
Cost analyses
Planning and scheduling
ADA assessments
Comprehensive project management

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