With more than 100 critical operations projects in our portfolio — ranging from water/wastewater treatment plants to power generating stations and more — Cumming has long served the industrial sector with distinction.

The projects defined under this category are often funded by local taxpayers and are therefore modestly designed and constructed to respect tight and even attenuating budgets. These facilities also tend to house critical operations that must continue without interruption during the construction process. To ensure the seamless delivery of projects in this vital sector, while at the same time avoiding disruption to ongoing services, Cumming staffs our assignments with only the most talented and experienced professionals. Our industrial sector team is comprised of professional engineers, licensed contractors, resident engineers, and project controls specialists, along with cost estimators and project/construction managers. Each of our public works professionals is an expert in his or her specific field and is intimately familiar with the “Green Book,” which outlines design and procurement guidelines for public works projects.

Cumming offers a flexible approach to service delivery.

Feasibility studies
 Project budgeting
Cost analyses
Planning and scheduling
ADA assessments
Comprehensive project management

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