Cumming has more than 20 years of healthcare experience. During this time, we have worked on more than $50 billion worth of projects, which include medical office buildings, acute care facilities, research laboratories, ambulatory surgery centers, and much more.

Healthcare projects are not only some of the most challenging assignments to deliver, but among the most important as well — they can directly improve health and save lives! This being the case, it is imperative that projects in this sector are delivered with an unwavering commitment to quality and detail. As our many satisfied clients in this sector will attest, Cumming possesses this commitment. Whether we are providing overall program management for an urban hospital campus, or cost estimating services for a rural community health clinic, we consider every factor and never cut corners. Through years of experience on every healthcare facility type under the sun, we know as well as anyone that there is no room for error.

Cumming offers a flexible approach to service delivery.

Feasibility studies
 Project budgeting
Cost analyses
Planning and scheduling
ADA assessments
Comprehensive project management

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