Learning Units: 1 LU|HSW

About this Course

Cumming promotes the use of sustainable design practices on its project, including guidelines under the LEED and Envision programs. In addition to sustainable design, topics covered during this session include battery storage, equipment and system efficiency, water conservation, low impact development, gray water usage (purple pipe), stormwater, solid waste, waste characterization, solid waste minimalization, recycling, organics diversion, emissions reduction, pollution control, reduce GHG emissions, noise management, evaluate fleet, and equipment inventory.

Learning Objective 1:

We will describe the focus areas and factors to consider when incorporating sustainable design.

Learning Objective 2:

We will demonstrate how consideration of sustainable practices during preliminary design will help ensure their successful incorporation into the project.

Learning Objective 3:

We will demonstrate how sustainable design features have a positive effect on building performance and the physical and emotional well-being of the building’s occupants.

Learning Objective 4:

We will define and explain the importance of baseline inventories, benchmarking, documentation, tracking, and reporting for sustainable design.

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