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Established in 1996 as a project and cost management company, Cumming has evolved into a 1,200-person, multi-faceted consulting firm with a determined focus on providing services that add value at every step of a project’s development.

Today, we continue to serve as a devout advocate for our project management and cost consulting clients — we solve problems, deliver solutions, and drive results. Cumming’s exceptional management skills have led to us becoming one of the most successful project management and cost consulting firms in our industry. We operate with optimal efficiency, we hire and train the most talented and motivated industry leaders, and we actively explore opportunities to improve and add value.

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Our Core Values

Client focus is central to who we are, and is a fundamental component of our success. We are in business because of our clients, and our future opportunities and successes depend on servicing our clients at the highest levels. We listen to our clients and provide services and solutions that meet their needs.

Team members are the life and blood of our organization. It has always been the combined experience and effort of our team members that has made Cumming successful. Knowing this, we hire only the very best people. At the same time, we do everything in our power to foster a strong, rewarding environment that promotes both professional and personal growth, and that fosters long-term company loyalty.

Integrity is more than just operating within the parameters of the law: it is also about being ethical and moral. As one team member put it, “It not only has to be right, it also has to look and feel right.” At Cumming, integrity is about treating people and companies the way we want to be treated. It is about doing what we say we are going to do and following through. Simply stated, we do the right thing, always.

Quality has been and will always be our core differentiator. We have a culture of continuous improvement, whereby our collective progress as a company is achieved through the ongoing personal growth of our team members. It is not acceptable to cut corners or accept poor performance. It is expected that each Cumming team member holds one another accountable for the quality our clients expect from us. Through teamwork, hard work, and openness to new ideas, we continue to be recognized as the leader in quality services and solutions.

41 Offices Worldwide

With over 1,200 team members and 41 offices worldwide we have the resources to handle the most challenging projects anywhere. Set up a meeting with one of our experienced team members today.

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Team members are the life and blood of our organization. It has always been the combined experience and effort of our team members that has made Cumming successful.

Executive Chairman

Finlay Cumming

A true visionary, Finlay persistently challenges mediocrity.

In the early 1990s, drawing on his experiences in project and cost management roles with leading industry organizations, Finlay identified the need for a consulting practice that delivered true value to its clients, and acted.

Today, Cumming, with Finlay at the helm, continues to push the boundaries of what’s expected from “firms like ours.” The result: we’re unlike any other firm. Behind Finlay’s long-term vision and leadership — not to mention his active role in monitoring company performance, driving growth, pushing for continuous improvements to efficiency and quality, and tirelessly championing our core values — Cumming has become a world-class consultancy with a broad and satisfied client base, and a success rate far exceeding the industry norm.

Executive Team

David Baird
David BairdChief Executive Officer
David serves as Chief Executive Officer for Cumming’s worldwide operations. Since joining the firm in 2004, Dave has served in a variety of roles and been instrumental in helping to build and shape the organization into what it is today. As CEO, Dave continues this work by providing strategic direction…

for the organization, ensuring that we live up to our core values, and fostering an environment that promotes innovation and continuous improvement.

Dave has more than 25 years of industry experience, most of which was spent serving clients directly. He holds a master’s degree in landscape architecture from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, and is a member of the American Society of Professional Estimators, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering.

Finlay McLay
Finlay McLayChief Operating Officer
Finlay McLay serves as Chief Operating Officer for Cumming’s worldwide operations. Based in Seattle, Finlay works alongside CEO David Baird and the company’s executive team to help drive operations across our 30 U.S. and five UK offices.

Finlay brings more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, including 26 years in project and cost management consulting in the U.S. and abroad. Throughout his career, Finlay has proven his ability to achieve significant business growth and support large mergers and acquisitions. Finlay’s success has been achieved through his unwavering commitment to quality, client service, integrity, and team member growth and development.

Derek Hutchison, MRICS
Derek Hutchison, MRICSPresident
Derek is an experienced chartered surveyor and construction executive with overall responsibility for overseeing Cumming’s strategic growth initiatives, ensuring the delivery of superior client service, and nurturing a corporate culture that aligns with our mission, vision, and core values.

In addition to his role in helping to guide the broader organization, Derek works closely with our teams in the central U.S. and Europe to provide more focused leadership and mentoring. Throughout his 20-plus years in the industry, Derek has participated in the development of more than 150 projects, with a unique specialization in hotel, resort, timeshare, and multi-family properties. Derek has a proven track record as an owner’s representative, development manager, and project manager, as well as in a variety of consulting roles supporting clients around the world.

A. Al Jajeh
A. Al JajehChief Financial Officer
Al serves as Cumming’s Chief Financial Officer with overall responsibility for managing the company’s financial health worldwide and supporting a wide range of strategic initiatives to help advance our growth goals. Prior to joining Cumming, Al held executive-level positions with Weatherford International…

and Gannett/USA Today. Most recently, he spent five-and-a-half years as Chief Financial & Strategy Officer for ASTAD Project Management in Doha, Qatar.

Al’s experience — which spans more than 20 years — includes establishing and driving various corporate functions, such as finance, strategy, enterprise risk management, and procurement, among others. Al is based in New York where he works alongside our CEO and other members of our senior executive team.

Peter M. Lehrer
Peter M. LehrerChief Executive Officer, Lehrer Cumming
Peter M. Lehrer, CEO of Lehrer Cumming, is an internationally recognized and highly respected industry leader and founder of Lehrer, LLC, which merged with Cumming in 2018. Peter has chaired several commissions for government bodies, with a focus on reducing costs and improving efficiency for large multi-billion-dollar capital programs. In 1979, he co-founded Lehrer McGovern, Inc…

a construction management firm that consistently ranked as one of the top such companies in the country. In 1988, the firm merged into London-based Bovis, Ltd., an international construction firm. Peter subsequently became Vice Chairman of Bovis, Ltd. and Chief Executive Officer of all U.S.-based subsidiary companies. In 1996, he formed Lehrer, LLC, a firm dedicated to providing construction consulting and project management services. Peter currently leads Cumming’s Lehrer Cumming division, which includes the delivery of Cumming’s project management and owner advisory services in Boston, New Jersey, New York, D.C., and Miami.

Gavin Middleton
Gavin MiddletonChief Operating Officer, Lehrer Cumming
Gavin is a design and construction executive with 25 years of experience throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Europe. He has extensive expertise in managing mixed-use projects from inception to final delivery and closeout, with a focus on logistically complex projects with challenging deadlines and schedules. Gavin has been a key stakeholder in projects across a wide…

variety of asset classes, including academic buildings, mid- and high-rise office buildings, industrial business parks, and high-rise condominiums. At Lehrer Cumming, where he is Executive Vice President, Gavin works closely with clients engaged in significant ground-up developments in New York, South Florida, and the Caribbean.

Our Expert Team

Our service philosophy is two-fold: first, if we can’t provide a service at a world-class level, we don’t provide it at all. Second, we can provide each of our services together in a comprehensive management role, or deliver any customized mix of them in a way that meets your specific needs. Expertise and flexibility — it really is that simple.



Client focus is central to who we are, and is a fundamental component of our success. We are in business because of our clients, and our future opportunities and successes depend on servicing our clients at the highest levels. We listen to our clients and provide services and solutions that meet their needs.

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Sustainability Mission Statement / Policy

Our vision is to deliver sustainability and climate solutions in the built environment that improve quality of life for this and future generations. We are committed to leveraging our expertise and empowering our clients and team members to champion environmental stewardship, build infrastructural and community resilience, and cultivate social equity.

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